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13, 5 star Google reviews, Google only showing 12 online

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I'm a Chiropractor in Houston Texas and have 13, 5 star reviews which Google used to recognize however lately Google is only showing 12, 5 star reviews for some reason. I would like to know how to get Google to put the 13 reviews up on my website again. it's and I would like for it to read as it used to with 13 reviews all 5 star.


Your Houston Chiropractor,


Dr. Gregory Johnson

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September 2015

Re: 13, 5 star Google reviews, Google only showing 12 online

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Hi Dr. Gregory,

Google has probably filtered this missed review since it violates the reviews policies.

Check out the local review policies:-

More reasons why reviews possibly get filtered.:!searchin/business/reviews/business/V6gq3PW-2ek/uRjanF5Rk4oJ

For more and useful insights, please post your question to the Google and Your Business Help Forum:-!forum/business