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10% New Sessions recorded from Analytics for Adwords

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Hi everyone 


So I started a new campaign targeting Chinese language on with Chinese keywords and texts. I'm getting a very high CTR of almost 50%. However, when I looked at the Analytics data, the % of new sessions is only around 10% (with a high bounce rate of 95%) for traffic from Adwords.  Now I was under the impression that adwords only charge once for each unique visitor - I cannot understand how the new sessions are so low. 



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Re: 10% New Sessions recorded from Analytics for Adwords

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Hi Bing,
Welcome to the community.

Ok, let's walk through this step by step.

First thing is first. AdWords measures CLICKS and Google Analytics measures SESSIONS. They are different. A session can have many clicks.

A high CTR in AdWords is good.

Your high bounce rate may indicate that users are comparison shopping and "pogo sticking" back and forth to compare offerings.

AdWords does not charge once for each visitor. I'm not sure where you got that information from. In fact, the same AD IMPRESSION can result in multiple click charges (you get charged for a click and an ad extension click).

To me, unless you're dealing with extremely high numbers here, this is nothing out of the ordinary. You never mentioned how many visitors and clicks this was impacting.

So, to answer your question, your new sessions are low because it's the same people clicking on your ads and coming back.

If this is a high figure, check your invalid clicks report the next day. Google is REALLY good at filtering out traffic that's clearly not comparison shoppers like this and refunding you. Have a good read of this to see how it all works :

Hope that's useful.