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1. position automatic Bidding Strategies

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Thanks for sharing this strategies with us. Im having little problem with my flexible strategies. 

1. I made strategy for 1.position

2 set that system can automaticly bid 

3.I set that it can increase for 100%

4. I set CPC limit 

I also set that it can automaticly bid higher if buget is limited and also that can increase for KW with lower QS.


Now I dont know how long "learning" for each strategy takes.

I noticed that Adwords set very low cpc for some kw and they dont appeare on example 0,12$ position is 5!


Do I need to wait few days,weeks??


Thanks for answers.


Best regards

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Re: 1. position automatic Bidding Strategies

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Hello @Rok O;

Flexible bid strategies (depending which) need some historical data to perform well. This depends  on the strategy  you choose. If historical data is available, it's implemented instantly and continues to optimize as the campaign collects more data.

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