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[August 11th] Academy on Air: Learn about 4 Best Practices for RLSA in 10 Minutes

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Introducing Google Partners Academy on Air. These 10 minute live video training sessions are tailored around your needs as a Canadian Google Partners agency. Short, relevant, and helpful videos delivered by Google Experts.

Join us on Thursday, August 11th, when we’ll explore 4 Best Practices for RLSA. Delivered by Chiel Hendriks, our Google Canada Performance Agency Lead, we'll cover:

• An Introduction to RLSA (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads)
• Description of how RSLA works
• 4 Best Practices for RLSA
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Nicolas B
August 2016

Hi Krisha,


Will these videos available after the LIVE stream? 

Krisha Community Manager
August 2016

Yes, they will be posted after the LIVE stream.


Let us know if you have any other questions!

Jeannie H
August 2016

Very clear and valuable information. Thank you.


One challenge that I face is reaching 1,000 on the RLSA list before beginning a remarketing campaign. Especially for a client linkedinforbusinness.net who struggles with a LinkedIn trademark issue that limits her ads. I welcome any advice on how to push past these barriers.

Spencer_Wade Top Contributor
August 2016

Hello @Jeannie H 

Maybe look at social media consultants or somethingh like that, getting anywhere with the keyword "LinkedIn" wlll be a tuff one.  

Read more here Trademarks and look at Trademark help for advertisers

Good Luck!