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Academy on Air: The New AdWords Experience (Part 1) [Aug 24, 11am PT]

Register here for this event. Please click the play button in the player below to begin the Livestream.



Learn all about the "New Adwords Experience." We will give a navigation overview as well as a live demo into some great shortcuts, insights and reporting in the new interface. Submit your questions and join us for the live Q&A after the presentation.



Jacob Miesner

Can we just keep the old AdWords instead? Smiley Happy

Tonya H

I am excited!

Krisha Community Manager

Welcome to Academy on Air today. Please let us know if you have any questions during the session and we'll try and get to them at the end.

Jessica S


Joe A

You mentioned that the existing AdWords interface is not going away. Does that mean there will be continued support for the previous interface even after the new interface officially goes live?

Diane M
August - last edited August


EDITED: Where can I find the quality scores for ads?

Found it in Attributes under modify columns.


Rebecca C

What is the mandatory transition date for the new interface?

Deki H

Question- I like that new features have been added, but there are some important features missing which I was wondering about. Is there a reason why certain columns/metrics are missing from the new UI? Or is it just work-in-progress? For example, Google Analytics Metrics like Bounce Rate, and Total Conversion Value, are not available at the Campaign level. Thanks.


Any scheduled changes to AdWords Editor UI as a result of the updated UI?

Scott C

When you "Add Display" are you selecting the same campaign type as "Search with Display Select" or is it a full Search and full Display campaign?