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Academy on Air: Project Oxygen: Why Managers Matter [Feb 2nd - 11am PT]

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In 2008, a team of researchers set out to prove what some at Google speculated - that managers don’t matter. The research effort, called Project Oxygen, focused on two questions: 1) Do managers matter? and 2) What if every employee at Google had an awesome manager? Spoiler alert: Managers matter, a lot. Findings concluded that the best managers exhibited a core set of behaviors; those behaviors now guide many of the management development programs at Google. Join us to learn more about the research behind Google's Project Oxygen, and how Google uses data to better understand and develop people managers. 


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Dave M
What would be your advise to apply these 8 attributes to be a good manager
in a global set-up?

Dear Maria,

If you are involved with Lithium, then global branding, positioning in a
total community is key.

What I have learned from this talk is that the "soft skills" are the
primary vehicle to move things forward in a global team-centric
environment. I term it "5 eyes seeing" where you use all of your senses and
5 eye widths is the proportional ratio of the human face.

My 8 global set attributes: ethnorelativism, social sensitivity, active
listening, situational awareness, empathy, equality of turn taking,
accountability for results, technical competency.

I have created the attached matrix that correlates the fundamental
precepts of Project Oxygen and Aristotle to articles in the Wall Street
Journal. I update this content on my LinkedIn page

If Lithium has interest in global, ethonorelative team members, feel free
to contact me.

Regards Dave Mrus

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Dave M
Dear Jim,

I believe that discretion is appropriate and that in a business
environment to avoid topical matter that is not relevant. Hot button, dog
whistle or wedge issues are best left out of the discussion. If they are a
component, then establishing clear ground rules for that discussion and an
acknowledgement and agreement from each participant to that effect.

"That we agree to disagree and for the purpose of this discussion
understanding there are multiple points of view."

Regards Dave Mrus
Dave M
Dear Nina,

What consequences are there for low performing managers if they get
unsatisfying feedback a few times in a row?

There should be clear set of expectations for the role in which the
Manager is gauged and measured for that feedback. The Manager should know
how their performance is benchmarked and provided the opportunity to
reply. There
should "never" be a surprise factor when negative feedback is given. If the
goalpost is continually moved then it is difficult to hold someone

The consequences are predicated upon the feedback. You would want to know
if the feedback is a regular attribute or variable. A scatter plot to map
out the data points may be helpful. If the unsatisfying feedback is
consistent, then providing the Manager an opportunity for "course
correction" by either coaching or mentoring may be an option. If the
feedback is variable then perhaps an assessment of "test of fit" for the
position is in order.

Regards Dave Mrus
Michael D

Love this! Is there a blog post or summary of the discussion available? 

Robert L

I really enjoyed this along with all the information discussed. Management is very key and I also firmly feel micromanagement can be prevelant in many companies. I have a friend who is in web security and mentioned this several times about the company he works at. This friend is discouraged and really dislikes his company for the pure essence of micromanagement.


Also, the topic of trust was very key. Great and solid information, as always, thanks!

Onder K

i cant see anything!!!

Onder K

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