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4.2K members online now
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Academy on Air: Project Oxygen: Why Managers Matter [Feb 2nd - 11am PT]

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In 2008, a team of researchers set out to prove what some at Google speculated - that managers don’t matter. The research effort, called Project Oxygen, focused on two questions: 1) Do managers matter? and 2) What if every employee at Google had an awesome manager? Spoiler alert: Managers matter, a lot. Findings concluded that the best managers exhibited a core set of behaviors; those behaviors now guide many of the management development programs at Google. Join us to learn more about the research behind Google's Project Oxygen, and how Google uses data to better understand and develop people managers. 


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Robert L
February 2017

Working now alriiiight!

Edward E
February 2017

What was behavior #7??

Petra B
February 2017

What kind of training do you offer? Where is this training hosted?

Dave M
February 2017

Where is the expressed linkage to Project Aristotle? Pyschological safety, active listening, equality of turning taking, empathy? 

Maria R
February 2017

What would be your advise to apply these 8 attributes to be a good manager in a global set-up?  

Nina K
February 2017

What consequences are there for low performing managers if they get unsatisfying feedback a few times in a row?

Krisha Community Manager
February 2017

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Jim M
February 2017

In a climate of increasing polital poloraization, is it more difficult to develop trust with transaprency if each party is at an opposite end of the political spectrum? 

Jim M
February 2017

 Well done and much appreciated. 

Dushi C
February 2017 - last edited February 2017

I want to get out of this email chat please.. thanks for all