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Academy on Air: Mobile Strategy And RLSA for Google Shopping [June 15, 11am Pacific]

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There has been a 160% increase in mobile shopping in the last year. A direct mobile strategy is crucial to develop. We will also discuss how you can leverage RLSA for shopping ads to maximize the success of your campaigns.


Please click the play button in the player above to begin the Livestream.


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Ally M
June 2017

How are advertisers measuring the value of local inventory ads?


Дмитрий К
June 2017

 How correctly transformed feed from Google Merchant Center to dynamic remarketing?

Niloufar S
June 2017

 I missed some slides can you please send me the complete presentation


Denver P
June 2017

Just a critique about these so called live events Google. You're speaking at us not with us. You rush through everything and it's apparent that the speaker is nervous and reading from queue cards. Questions are not from us. I'm reluctant to ever come to an event like this in the future.

Gordon S
June 2017

What happened... Feed was cut off in the middle..

Toure O Community Manager
June 2017 - last edited June 2017


@Denver P

Thank you for the feedback and sorry to hear that this week's Livestream did not meet your expectations. We strive to make sure each Livestream has content that would be valuable to our Community and take it very seriosuly when it does not. 


If you have any feedback on how we could improve our Livestreams to better serve your needs we would love to hear it at partners-academy@google.com. We take every comment into consideration and value your thoughts and ideas.





Mark W
June 2017

those numbers are golden Smiley LOL

panditshanker s
June 2017 - last edited June 2017 Krisha Community Manager


love probelm solution  <This post has been edited by a Community Manager per community guidelines.>