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Academy on Air: Gaming App Campaigns: Optimizing towards In-App Events [Oct 26, 11am PT]

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With Google's flexibility of allowing UAC to optimize for valuable users, it's becoming much more important to understand what kind of events to use in your UAC campaigns to help achieve your goals. Whether it's retention, revenue, or something else entirely, our team will talk about how you can leverage different in-app events in your game to to drive value. We will go over many of the genres represented in the industry and provide specific examples based on best practices.


Please click the play button in the player above to begin the Livestream.


Mark C Badged Google Partner

I no longer seem to be getting the reminder e-mails for Academy on Air's.  Is there any way I can check to see why this may be the case?  Without those e-mails I can't get the partner rewards points for watching.  I'm registered and have even tried resubmitting my registration with no luck.  Any help would be appreciated.

Matt H

I'm with Mark C. My teammate and I aren't getting the emails and haven't received any partner reward points. What do we do?!

Imdad K

Hi karisha MYXJ_20171027151441_save.jpgimdad