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3.3K members online now
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Academy on Air: Create – Optimize Ad Creatives and Settings [Apr 13, 11am Pacific]

Register here for this event. Please click the play button in the player below to begin the Livestream.



Join us this week as we discuss best practices for writing text ads as well as optimizing campaign settings to better engage potential customers and drive higher quality visitors to your site. Questions? Submit them here beforehand or during the live Q&A.


Please click the play button in the player above to begin the Livestream.


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Werner Smit
March 2017

This is immensely helpful!


Thank you!

Flavia S
April 2017

Excited to get started!

Abilash S
April 2017

probably 1 hr

Alex B
April 2017

What do you suggest as the ratio between STAs : ETAs in ad groups? And are STAs being deprecated anytime soon?

Jesse D
April 2017

Do you have any data on how using branded terms perform in Headline 1 vs Headline 2 vs Description?

Jeremy B
April 2017

Don't have a YouTube channel for the chat, but I do have a question:

Is the 15% uplift still relevant if you have ad groups with a small number of tightly-themed keywords (say 2-7 keywords)?  I could easily understand uplift for lots of keywords in 1 ad group, but does that hold for laser-focused ad groups?

May 2017

I can see for plenty of my keywords (Search terms) showing my PLA ads but not the STA... don't know why Google have 2 different algorithem.

Ares S
May 2017

The context explanation makes a lot of sense for Pizza, but how much different are the results for other things such as professional services? or B2B services?