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Academy on Air: Capture – Be there for your customer [Apr 27, 11am Pacific]

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Not showing up for relevant searches is like having a closed sign up during business hours. Join us to learn the importance of a proper budget and how to communicate this to clients. Questions? Submit them here beforehand or during the live Q&A.


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Les L
April 2017

What are the key factors to improve impression share and what should be considered a good percentage? 

Sarah L
April 2017

Are there best practices for # of ad groups per campaign, and number of keywords per ad group?

Orlando G
April 2017 - last edited May 2017

Wouldn't you agree that when launching new ads we should allow them to rotate indefinately to test them out and then change the rotation setting to optimize for conversions?

Kelvin K
April 2017

Possible to get PDF copy of slides shown on each LiveStream?