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Academy on Air (15 min): TrueView for Beginners [Feb 21st, 12:30pm ET]

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TrueView is built on the promise that you only pay when someone chooses to watch your video ads. At our next Academy on Air, learn more about TrueView products, how to experiment with creative formats, and what other resources are available to you. Join our Account Manager Ely Rygier on February 21st at 12:30pm EST for a 15 minute livestream and Q&A.


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Hi everyone,

Please see the link to the deck here!


Thank you,


Hello, please share a link to the PDF of the presentation materials as referenced in the begining of the video. Thanks!

Hi Alexandra- as a quick follow up to your question in the live chat, see below:


Our benchmarks per industry in Canada are: Auto (23%), Personal Care (22%) , Apparel & Accessories (22%). These are benchmarks from 2016, and can move up/down by 3-4%


Hi All, 


Looking forward to kicking off this bite-sized TrueView session in about half an hour! 


Here are some of the links we'll reference at the end of the presentation:

        Still have questions on Trueview? See here

        Interested in Trueview campaigns for mobile app installs? See here


And please remember to submit any questions you have as soon as you can, so Ely can answer you live during the session. 


See you all soon!