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[September 14th] Expanded Text Ads - 9am PDT/12pm EDT

Join us for a Hangout on Air with the Product Manager and Product Lead about Expanded Text Ads, a long-awaited feature announced at the 2016 Google Performance Summit. 


This event will begin at 9am PDT/12pm EDT on Wednesday, September 14th. Tune in for the live broadcast below, and make sure to post any questions before or during the event for the team to answer.


This event is now complete. You can watch the recording below:



Join the live chat:

Kris B

Count me in!

Pravakar D

Is it possible in coming sunday

Rakesh Bhosale

Unable to register. 

CassieH Community Manager

@Pravakar D You will be able to view the recording of the event on this page after it is complete.


@Rakesh Bhosale You will need to log in with a Google account to register at the link above. If you are unable to register, you will still be able to attend the event, but you won't receive the email reminder. Just make sure to come back here tomorrow at 12pm Eastern time!

Truyen N

does anyone has a link for the hangout on air?


Natalie C

Is there going to be a recoding avaliable? 

René T
September - last edited September

How long will it take? (approximately)

CassieH Community Manager

@Truyen N You can watch the live event from this page starting at 9am Pacific time, by clicking "play" on the video embedded at the top.


@Natalie C Yes, the recording for live events will always be available here on the event page on the AdWords Community after the event is over.


@René T Live events usually run for 30-60 minutes, but you can always come back and watch parts you miss at a later date!

Hillary M

While ETAs are rolling out, should I have standard text ads and expanded text ads for a given ad group to ensure that my ads are eligible to show?


I know that there are new character limits for ETAs. What are the recommended character counts to ensure that our ads aren't truncated? Does the recommended character count vary by device? Can/Should we have mobile preferred ETAs?


Siyabonga M

How can you upgrade current ads to ETA's at scale? I'd imagine most of us would want to use the same ad language but wouldn't want to redo..