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2.5K members online now
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[September 12th] Display Week: Display Remarketing Setup & Optimization - 1pm GMT+1

Join us to learn about the perfect remarketing campaign setup. We will review the best targeting, ad formats and bids for getting the most out of your campaigns.


This event will begin at 1pm GMT+1 on September 12th. Tune in for the live broadcast below, and make sure to post any questions before or during the event for the team to answer.


Please RSVP to this event to receive a reminder email before the event.



Search T
September 2016

How to increase the impr./sales volume of campaign while staying in line with our ROAS target?

Yuka Y
September 2016

 Hi, I've got three questions;

1. Under smart bidding, it's difficult to get greater control down at the placement level - any recommended actions to tackle this? 

2. We run different types of promotions, each lasting for a short period of time. Would it be better to run static ads as opposed to dynamic ads during a promotion as with dynamic ads, we do not necessarily be showing promotional lines?

3. If your feed is in Japanese (campaign targeting Japan), wouldn't an English speaker who previously visited an English site in Japan be served with a Japanese ad if your language setting is 'All languages' as you've recommended earlier?   

Dmitry K
September 2016

HI, where do I find the feed ID in adwords business data to compare with tag assitant?