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1.8K members online now
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Community Manager

[Jan 21] Getting Started with AdWords - Live (11.30am PST)

Join us for a 30-minute live broadcast, exclusively designed to help new advertisers like you get the results you want with AdWords.


This event will be live at 11.30am PT / 1.30pm CT on January 21st



We’ll help you:
• Structure your account and understand key metrics
• Select quality keywords and write great ads
• Understand the tools you need to improve your business, and
• Learn how to track your businesses success


We’re looking forward to hanging out with you,

The Google AdWords Team


Link to RSVP to Event - Here

Jamie S
January 2016


I am supposed to be a part of the Getting Started event today, yet I haven't received an email with the event link. I RSVPd last week, so just wanted to check up!


Zamzows S
January 2016

I received a reminder yesterday, but nothing today.


Kyun C
January 2016

I didn't get an event link as well.

Zamzows S
January 2016

If you click on the youtube window above it will take you to the live event. But the audio seems to be out right now. 

January 2016

Anyone else having problems with the audio?

Zamzows S
January 2016

Yeah the Audio definitely went out half way through.

Vinay R
January 2016 - last edited January 2016



Iam having problem with audio issue.


Jamie S
January 2016

Audio wouldn't work for me as well.

KathleenG Community Manager
January 2016

Hi @Vinay R@Zamzows S, , @Kyun C@Jamie S - we had some techincal issues today with our event. 


We'll add you to the invite to our next event on Feburary 4th at the same time!


Thanks so much - Kathleen