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[Feb 9] Creative Remarketing with Top Contributor Steve Cameron - Live (9:00am PST)

Join us for a live event with Top Contributor Steve Cameron on February 9th, 2016, at 9am Pacific Standard Time! Please RSVP here to attend the event.



Besides being one of our Top Contributors, Steve is also a Google Certified Partner and, in his own words, has "been marketing longer than the internet."


In this live event, Steve will share some of his strategies for creative remarketing, such as:

  • Segmenting your visitors
  • Custom combination lists
  • Using remarketing for seasonal or time-dependent offers


On the day of the event, we'll send you the link to the stream 30 minutes before we go live!


Link to RSVP to Event - Here


Want to learn even more about Remarketing? Check out Steve's article that the above conversation is based on: Getting Creative with Remarketing.

Acashic S
January 2016

Great to have this quality of advice online, thank you, Google Team.

ShroffS Top Contributor
February 2016 - last edited February 2016

Thanks for doing this Steve @stickleback! was great to learn from you!

When people talk remarketing they only focus on remarketing on the GDN. My question is on RLSA. If people dont have a different messaging for the users, could you give an example of where you have used it and how it performed. How is this different from simply targeting keywords on the search network from a normal Search campaign?



stickleback Top Contributor
February 2016

Hi @ShroffS - thanks!


With RLSA we are targeting people who are running a fresh search. This is important because they have clearly not yet found a solution to their problem/desire and have decided to run a new search. This would suggest that their motivation to convert (purchase, sign up, etc.) is going to be greater than it was on their original search. It might also suggest that they know more about the product or service - or, at least, they know more about what they specifically need.


There are a couple of things that I generally do differently for RLSA visitors. Firstly, I write harder-hitting ads. The calls to action are stronger and I will play on triggers such as scarcity and urgency.


If I am able I will also look to get a stronger landing page - perhaps not that readily possible with eComm - but I might add a coupon code in the ad, for example.


And, finally, I will use much broader keywords. For example, if I'm selling auto insurance, in my "first search" keywords I might have "auto insurance" as a keyword but, in my RLSA campaign, I can get away with using "insurance" since I already know that the person is in the market for auto insurance. I would not be able to be so broad with my "first search" keywords as I would have massive wastage, but with RLSA I can afford to widen the net significantly.


I hope that helps....


ShroffS Top Contributor
February 2016

Thanks a lot Steve!

I think I love the idea of doing the broader keyword targeting. My only concern is that generally, people would start with the broad keywords moving down the funnel, so does targeting broad keywords for someone already lower down in the funnel make sense?

I do understand that this may vary for different categories.. but if you have implemented this, has this been useful?