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2K members online now
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[Feb 4] Getting Started with AdWords - Live (11.30am PST)

Join us for a 30-minute live broadcast, exclusively designed to help new advertisers like you get the results you want with AdWords.


This event will be live at 11.30am PT / 1.30pm CT on February 4th.Please RSVP here to attend the event. On the day of the event, we’ll send you the link to the event 30 minutes before we go live!



We’ll help you:
• Structure your account and understand key metrics
• Select quality keywords and write great ads
• Understand the tools you need to improve your business, and
• Learn how to track your businesses success


We’re looking forward to hanging out with you,

The Google AdWords Team

February 2016

This is my RSVP for the Feb. 4th event Getting Started with Adwords.  Thank you.


February 2016

I would like to attend the 'Getting Started with Adwords' event on Feb. 4th please.  Thank you!

Michelle B
February 2016 - last edited February 2016

I would like to join this event - Getting started with AdWords on Feb. 4th.

Max C
February 2016

I've already managed Google AdWords accounts before, but I'm sure that there's something missing. Let's start from scratch and find out what's the best for business success. I'm in Smiley Happy


Thank you!


- Max.

Aftin E
February 2016

Looking forward to making sure we have everything set up correctly. RSVP

Ruairi B
February 2016

Always good compare strategies

Caroline L
February 2016

I am in as well! Thank you!

Ghaida H
February 2016

Goodevening Smiley Happy I would like to register please Smiley Happy 

Ghaida Hammoudeh 

Kitchen Bath C
February 2016
Looking forward to it.
February 2016

Brilliant, I will be there thanks. Till then😉