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[Feb 29th, 11am PT / 2pm ET] Certification Refresher: AdWords Advanced Search (North America)

 Prepare for the AdWords Advanced Search exam with this live refresher Hangout on Air, which will cover all topics needed to master the exam and get your certification. RSVP for the event here.


Watch the event directly on the Advertiser Community, and post your questions in the Comments section below!

Make sure to attend live for the Q&A at the end. 

Jeannie H
February 2016

Why am I missing the "search only network" option for campaign type?

Ryan T
February 2016

Most Excellent!

Cap V
March 2016 - last edited March 2016

this is devendra tripathi,  i m a digital marketing expert in capvision investment advisory. this vedio of AdWords Advanced Search is very nice & superb for us. 

One request with u , i m seeing from very long days, most of company required DATA for growing business. people use search engine's & creating google organinc search. just i want to see if any people search quiry on google then google show result in two column table , first for search & second for branding profile of query. thanks

Pradeep K
March 2016

With the recent change in Ad placements on Google Search Page with the right pane Ads removed and only the top and bottom Ads being contested for, will there be any change in the way Adwords engine calculates Ad Rank and Quality Score?