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1.3K members online now
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[August 31st] Using Analytics to Improve your AdWords ROI - 1pm EDT / 10am PDT

Learn how to leverage the knowledge of Google Analytics to improve your AdWords performance. We'll demystify the data and unlock insights into a better ROI for your AdWords and possibly other online marketing.


This event will begin at 10am PDT/1pm EDT. Tune into the live broadcast below, and make sure to post any questions before or during the event for the team to answer.


Please RSVP to this event to receive a reminder email before the event.


Aaron P
August 2016

How can I use regex to combine the names of multiple campaigns so that they show up as one line item in reports?

Example below:

Campaign Name | Sessions  |  Revenue | Transactions

Starred & Striped             185           $2,000.05     45

Stripes & Bars                145           $1,422.81    32

Bars & Dots                   74               $877.03       28


I want to use regex to combine the two campaigns matching regex "Stripe" into one line and that it should run as a custom report each time.


Paul B
August 2016

CTR is affected by relevancy, and certainly if the ad copy encourages the click-through. However, if one ad serves more than the other, could that be attributed to the ad copy as well? 

Andre W
August 2016

Where can I get this video at the end?

David R
September 2016

Could you share a presentation of the topics? seems really interesting,