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[August 30th, 14:00 GMT+1] Google Partners 'Get Certified' Series - Mobile Advertising

Join us on Tuesday 30th August at 14:00 GMT+1 for the next Hangout On Air in our weekly Google Partners 'Get Certified' series. This Hangout will cover Mobile Advertising. Register for the event here.
During this live Hangout, we’ll cover everything from how mobile works, mobile trends and opportunity, bidding and targeting, mobile ads, measurement and more.
The 'Get Certified' series will help you get the most out of Google's advertising products and prepare you for the AdWords certification exams. For more information and to register for the series, visit https://goo.gl/k4dGlw
You can also take the exam here.

naveed k
August 2016

I am Intersted if i watch this Video

george o
August 2016

Very good

Gavin W
August 2016

Looking forward to it

Gijsbert M
August 2016

Could someone please tell me how to access this event live? 


Its at 3 o'clock here if I am not mistaken. I missed the first two somehow. Don't know what I am supposed to do other then click the link to watch it live.



Hasan Zaryab K
August 2016

Looking forward to it.



Gareth T
August 2016

Getting the team to watch this if time allows! If not, we'll have to watch it "on-demand", for lack of a better term.

Elizabeth K
August 2016

Thanks! Great session.

Gijsbert M
August 2016

Cant get into the live feed. Tried to the first two times.

Posted this issue, nobody replied. Its getting a tad frustrating.

Probably no one there on the other side either.

Anyway kind regards,