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[August 16th, 14:00 SGT] Google Partners 'Get Certified' Series APAC - AdWords Fundamentals

Join us on Tuesday 16th August at 14:00 SGT (UTC+08:00) for the first Hangout On Air in our weekly Google Partners 'Get Certified' series. This Hangout will cover AdWords Fundamentals. Register for the event here.
During this live Hangout, we’ll cover everything from the basic and intermediate aspects of online advertising and AdWords, the benefits of online advertising, how to set up and manage an AdWords campaign, and how to measure and optimize your campaign's performance.

The 'Get Certified' series will help you get the most out of Google's advertising products and prepare you for the AdWords certification exams. For more information and to register for the series, visit https://goo.gl/N5pnus
You can also take the exam here.

Kimbers V
August 2016

I'm assuming we will be able to watch a recording of the video as it looks like the hangout will take place 2am my time. Is this correct? Thanks~

KathleenG Community Manager
August 2016

Hi @Kimbers V - we are holding three sessions of each event. You can find US/Canada specific times here: https://goo.gl/SUqE8I and the rest here: https://goo.gl/HCmXGP

Kimbers V
August 2016
Thanks, Kathleen! I've signed up for the correct (US) event now.

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August 2016

live stream hasn't yet started..???

Infinite 1 V
August 2016

SOS!! Cant see the live streaming. Has it begun?

Webic S
August 2016 - last edited August 2016

Its asking for registeration again. Watch it live link isn't working.


Is it started?

Rory C Community Manager
August 2016

The Hangout is availiable at this link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCBRHp_nql4

Brijesh K
August 2016

I am waiting for the link to watch the event Hang-out

Nivmas E
August 2016


Brijesh K
August 2016

Do we have this PPT which you were showing to us or a recorded video of the hangout will help us to repeat the sessions to resolve our queries.