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What are your clients asking you?

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Hi there,


I'm writing a FAQ blog post to help my clients. I hope this will reduce the time I spend communicating with them while helping them better understand AdWords/PPC.  So, what are some frequent AdWords/PPC questions that your clients ask you? 


I've already started a list of questions and hope you can add to it! 


1. Why does my ad rank fluctuate?

2. I only want qualified leads. How do I get that?

3. Why does my number of leads/sales change every month?


Thank you!




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What are your clients asking you?

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1. How much budget do I need?

2. How do you optimize spend?

3. What are negative keywords?

4. How long will it take to see results?

What are your clients asking you?

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#1 questions from my clients:  Why aren't my ads showing up when I google them personally?

2. Why are you bidding so high on clicks?

3. Why did you add this/that negative keyword?

4. Why didn't you add this/that keyword?