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Transfer certification

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I recently transferred jobs and want to transfer my certificates to my new agency. I think that it could be done by signing into my old work email, but I no longer have access to this. Do I need to get in touch with my old boss in order to solve this? I'm a bit confused about how to actually do it, and would very much like to have my certificates transferred!


Also: can I do the same with my old profile to both partners and this community? I've used it quite a bit..




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Transfer certification

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You have to log into your Google Partners account, ( which is going to be associated with an email and password you set up that is associated with a Google Account).


Next under My Profile, to the right hand side, you will see a spot that says Affiliate - and the name of the company that you are granting your Certification and being included in the company employees.  


You  will see a green link to unaffiliate.


Click that, then search for your new company to start that affiliation process.  The new company with than have to approve / confirm you affiliation and you are good to go.


In the future, you may want to consider creating or using a personal Gmail account as your official Google Partners Certification login.  Because the certs are personal and can be transferred between agencies/companies.


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Now after you transfer this, you may also be able to contact Google Support to transfer your Google Partner Certificates ( from the old work email to a new a new personal gmail that you have signed in and created a new Google Partners Account) - You used to be able to do this.. so not sure if still available.

(remember - everything with Google is tied to or associated with an email login - so creating a new Google Partners account tied to a personal email would be in your best interest moving forward)


If you have the logins to your work email associated as a Google Login Access you are Good to go.

Transfer certification

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please go to the forum to read post reply- I made an update in the original post, not sure if that is seen if you are only interfacing with email replies.