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Question about getting GACP status

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I've been looking through the requirements for gaining Google Analytics Certified Partner status for my company, and under the 'Promise to Fulfill Requirements of the Program' section, it states:


"You agree to send at least one employee to the Google Analytics Certified Partner Summit at your own expense..."


Is this a legitimate requirement for gaining GACP status? With my company being located in South Africa, this seems to be quite an expense for gaining GACP status.


Any clarity on this would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Question about getting GACP status

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Hi @Regan H

Our agency is GACP and we send an individual once a year to the GACP Summit, as far as I understand it is a requirement, sorry probably not the feedback you were looking for.
Mike Blackmore - 1 Click Away From a Conversion

Re: Question about getting GACP status

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Hello Regan,

It does unfortunately appear to be one of the requirements as found on their program requirements page:



Re: Question about getting GACP status

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I thought this program was dead - we explored it a couple of years ago and no one on Googles side was to be found, anywhere. When reaching out to other agencies looking to get the cert, they found the same as well. For instance, when you look at the get started tab on the page Nick linked you'll find "Last modified: March 28, 2014"


I'm now curious if there are some folks that have picked this back up from the Google side.


When were you able to complete the process @Mike Blackmore ?



Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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