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Phone Extensions VS Business Phone number shown update- Opt Out????

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 Anyone that uses call tracking would obviously not like this change or move. 

 Reading this email, and the Opt out form we clearly see Google knows that Call Reporting is important..


The question that this arises, is if we do OPT OUT, with that also Negate the Location Extension from being Shown at all?  Thus reducing the amount of extensions, Effecting Ad Rank down the line through Quality scores via CTR and eventual CPC

On Hold now for 20 minutes and waiting to see what Support has to say about the above!!
Dear AdWords Advertiser,

Your AdWords account (customer ID: XXXXXXX) contains ads that are using both location extensions and call extensions. Starting January 19, 2017, when your ads show a business location, calls may be directed to the phone number associated with that business location - even if a different phone number is used in your call extension.

What's changing

Ad formats using location extensions are becoming richer and more integrated with local experiences across and Google Maps. When these ads show specific business locations, it's important to make it easy for users to contact the local business directly.

Starting January 19, 2017, ads that feature specific business locations may drive calls to phone numbers associated with those locations. This change will not impact the call volume on your call extensions.

Context Example ad format Phone number used starting January 19, 2017
Ad features your business, but not a specific location Text ad shown with call extension Phone number from the call extension (no change)
Ad features individual business locations Text ad shown with location extension Location-specific phone number may be used

Next steps

We recommend reviewing your Google My Business account to verify that your business listings have the correct phone numbers.

If you do not want to drive paid calls to phone numbers for your business locations, please complete this form by January 19, 2017. We do not recommend this as it may reduce your ad impressions and call volume, while making it difficult for users to reach you.

For more help, please don't hesitate to contact us with questions or visit our Help Center.


The Google AdWords Team


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Phone Extensions VS Business Phone number shown update- Opt Out????

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Hi @Eric Gehler,


I would make sure the G+ information in the Google My Business dashboard is correct and then resume as normal. I would not opt out.


Also, a lot of people do not realize how valuable (and powerful) Google My Business is. We can now add in much more standard info, which populates the Google Knowledge Panel. Products, payment option, handicap accessible and more can be quickly added in through Google My Business.


I believe that the notice is more about updating G+ info over a diminish of performance with AdWords, which is why I suggest what I do (above). I would at least leave things be for a month or two and compare data metrics to a previous cycle and see if anything negative happens with call performance... or the data logging of it.  


Kind Regards,



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Phone Extensions VS Business Phone number shown update- Opt Out????

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Badged Google Partner

I will still be opting out for all my clients that use "Call Tracking".  The measurement factor and ROI calculations and effectiveness of ads is more vital then information.   In order to benefit from the GMB display, one would have to click through to see the additional information, in which case, that phone number would be Non trackable to keep the NAP consistency.


From a simply display of your entire Ad, the GMB location extension would show only Address and Phone number (for now) when the query is triggered by the Geo-IP of the user. With the new policy the Phone number displayed would be that of the GMB page, thus losing all "call tracking " ability, unless you made a NAP Change to the GMB to Add call tracking which in turn would negatively effect your Local SEO because of NAP inconsistency.


Two sources have told me, opting out would not "disable the Location extension" so their is no reason to not OPT OUT if you use a 3rd party call tracking number for your Call Extensions. 


Since I don't use Google Cal forwarding, however, I think that would also be effected, as the Google Call Fowarding numbers would now not be shown at Geo-IP queries and the GMB Phone number would be displayed as well, thus also limiting your already limited effective measurements and ROI calculations.


IMHO the move makes no sense and I think G even agrees since the Opt-out form Reason to opt out clearly say:


But what do I know Smiley Happy

Re: Phone Extensions VS Business Phone number shown update- Opt Out????

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Hi @Eric Gehler,


I got the same notification for two of my clients. My SEO colleague suggested that in the case of multi-location businesses, such as a bank, with a main number to a call centre, and local numbers that aren't tracked, but need to be correct for listings, we put the main call centre number in GMB as it does not affect rankings.


For call tracking, I would suggest either putting the tracking number in GMB, or putting both the main number and tracking number in GMB and selecting that one for use with AdWords. 


I'm glad they offered an opt-out right off the bat, which isn't always the case with new roll-outs, I just wish they had more options for Call Tracking, Call Centres and Multi-Location businesses.