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Partner Survey - Feedback

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After seeing a few emails come in over the last month or so, I decided to fill out a Google Partners Survey.




IMO, this wasn't about Google Partners at all.  It looked something like this:


Question about Google - My partners experience is a tiny little itty bitty part of my overall interactions with Google and their products.

Question about AdWords - Sure, partners and AdWords are pretty tight, but I don't understand how my perspective on AdWords, Support or results have anything to do with Partners.

Question about Support - Again, see above.

Question about Campaign Results - Once again, how is this related. 

Question about Partners - Finally - but really only one very general question, nothing about exams, certifications, partners search, hosted meetups, qualified leads etc...none of the things I personally relate to partners and what I can quickly suggest are the staple elements in the Partners program.

Question about Agency Challenges - Probably a probe for content creation, I can understand this.


Now, I'm sure much time was invested in developing this questionnaire to provide the Partners powers that be proper and actionable feedback and maybe behind the scenes these questions have different meaning and perhaps Partners is judged by AdWords users experience, the Support teams performance and my results. However, I think this one missed the mark.  This is essentially an AdWords survey with one question about Partners.


Anyways, there was no option to add comments in the survey so I'm sharing here.



Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: Partner Survey - Feedback

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Thank you for surfacing this, the only way they can make it better is adding feedback like you have done here.

Spencer Wade, AdWords, G+ & WebSearch Platinum Top Contributor
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Re: Partner Survey - Feedback

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Agreed @PPCBossman it wasn't what I was expecting at all.  We can but hope that it might have been a "starter" intended to inform a larger, more detailed main course survey down the road.  Then again, it might just be this...



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