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Partner Status - Performance

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Hello everyone,

So I am waiting for my Adwords Partner status. There seem to be 3 categories.  Certifications, Spend and Performance.

Certification and Spend are obvious, you can track what happened and how you are doing (and improve yourself!). But there is this Performance which seems buggy and I cannot even understand how they measure it.

I contacted Adwords and they told me it's the metric that how well you are performing and adding value to your clients. Well great, what if my customer only want to drive traffic? How shall you know my customer's goals? 

This is what I found on the web which still does not ring a bell.

"Meet the performance requirement by delivering solid overall AdWords revenue and growth, and maintaining and growing your customer base."

Can someone explain me really what this metric is? Otherwise, really I do not want to spend my time on Partner matter because I do not want to win on a metric I feel I have no control.


Thank youSmiley Happy

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Partner Status - Performance

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I would still go for it.  We don't know the magic formula.  But, I do know that I have multiple clients with different goals - I didn't have any issues meeting this requirement.

Re: Partner Status - Performance

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@Shanee_Kirk thank you for your answer.


The problem is, that bar is not moving. So I do not know if I am doing something right or wrong (or if I am doing but the system is working.. at all).


When you said "we don't know the magic formula" I would at least expect to have a list; i.e. increase total CTR, increase the conversion rate and track your progress.


One more thing, yes my clients have different goals but how on earth Adwords knows that? Smiley Happy They do not know but they say they measure itSmiley Happy

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Partner Status - Performance

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While we don't know the formula, some of it is instinctual, some of it is based on using adwords capabilities such as:


Using all available Ad Extensions

When applicable have both independent Search and Display campaigns ( Remarketing works well for this).

Work on Quality Scores, so that you have good quality scores for keywords- accounts with 1,2,3,4's indicates poor management.

Review Bell Notifications for any potential issues.

Sync the account with  Google Console, Google Analytics, Google My Business ( if applicable)

Make sure Ads are upgraded, have more then just one Ad per group ( optimal 3-5 ads and test)

Make sure Ad groups are tight and on Focus, 100's of keywords in a Ad group is not optimal - Ad groups to be optimal would usually have less then 15 keywords ( some may have just 2-3 keywords).

Make sure you have conversion tracking set up and imported or associated with the Account.

Review your MCC - are their accounts that are associated, but you don't really manage ( they could negatively effect you if those accounts are not being managed or have bad performance factors) - consider removing those accounts if not in your sales cycle.

Etc- basic best practices metrics


You may also want to look at Google Best Practices and make sure you are in alignment when possible


One last note, since the beginning of this Green Bar Performance measurement, there are many time the bar almost never moves, is wiped out due to glitch, and makes no sense at all, moves up for one period of time, then drops suddenly for no reason.


The best thing is not to worry about the Green Bar, and be proficient in your adwords management, and do what is best for the Client in terms of ROI.


Last Note:

To Google a Click is a Conversion, to Managers a Lead is a Conversion, but to Client a Sale is a Conversion.

Put the Client First from an ROI perspective!!!  The rest works itself out..


Hope that helps

Partner Status - Performance

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Try checking your opportunities tab in your accounts.  There is a new Account Score Beta.  This gives some insight into the things they look for.  I like it b/c if Adwords assumes you should be on automated bidding, you can dismiss the suggestion and give a reason and it raises your account score.


This isn't in all accounts yet.  But, definitely look for it.

Re: Partner Status - Performance

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Excellent @Shanee_Kirk

Didn't know we could dismiss Smiley Happy


Here is a List from one of my top level accounts ( since not all accounts supply this info)


Things to review, check  From the "Improve your Account Health Score for Search BETA" under Opportunities tab in some adwords accounts;


( these recommendations are per Campaign, and a green check mark is attributed if you are utilizing these functions, it also gives an account score.  As Shanee pointed out, if you X out of one section you can give a reason, and that item is not held against the optimization score.

( I don't used enhanced bidding either, so I had 98% on all campaigns, but with Dismiss option, now have 100% showing in this report).


(I assume many of these same factors will be used to grade the "GREEN BAR STATUS" of account performance) so worth a look to review these)

Added callout extensions
Increases CTR


Added call extensions
Increases traffic


Using conversion tracking
Improves reporting


Ad groups have multiple ad variations
Increases CTR


Ad groups have enough keywords
Increases traffic


Added negative keywords
Reduces wasted spend


Added sitelink extensions
Increases CTR


Ad groups have active ads
Increases traffic


Ad groups have keywords
Increases traffic


Using an optimized ad rotation setting
Increases CVR


Using standard (optimized) delivery
Improves ROI


Using a mobile-friendly site
Increases ROI


Showing ads on Google search partners
Increases traffic


Using a recommended daily budget
Increases traffic


Using first page bids for high quality keywords
Increases CTR


Use Enhanced CPC

Increases bidding efficiency
Bid more efficiently for conversions.

Partner Status - Performance

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Hi @Minas M,


There is some truly great information already posted but Shanee and Eric, so you have a lot to go by.


I wanted to add that you need a full 12 months of history with active, spending accounts in a AdWords Manger Account for the performance bars to track (and move).


Hope this helps,



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Re: Partner Status - Performance

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@Eric Gehler @Shanee_Kirk

Just received an email from Google Partners showing my performanceSmiley Happy Felt embarrassed lol


At least now I can see how can I improve myself.


Thanks for your great answers guys!

Partner Status - Performance

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Make sure to visit each client account frequently (daily or several times a day) and also check on keywords from search and edit out (add) any negative keywords from that source.