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I am trying to get rid of one address for our business, as we are now in a different location. I don't know who the "owner" of that is, and the address and phone number are wrong, so I unable to verify it. This is what comes up when you google our business,


Fix Your Books 911

Address: 15 W 36th St, New York, NY 10018
However, our office is now at
110 Terminal Drive
Plainview, NY 11803
I did create a my business page for our current address, but I want to get rid of the old address. Can you help?
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Re: updating info

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I took a look at it, and it shows that the "old address" does not have an owner.  (as you can see by the screenshot below)Own this business?Own this business?You can see by the highlighted area where it says, "Own this business?" indicates that no one controls the listing.  At this point you should do the following:


Simply click suggest an edit, and then mark yes for "Moved, closed, or was never here"  from there select Moved then click on send.