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unauthorized use of business name

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When you search my companies web site an ad by one of our agents comes up. See can not get it down How can I recover the company web site?


R.A.N Realty & Property Management

116 N Lindsay Rd. Suite 14

Mesa, AZ 85213




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April 2016

Re: unauthorized use of business name

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Hi @Thomas R

I searched your company, and this is what I got:
 RAN Realty.jpg


When you say 'an ad by an agent' comes up, do you mean that whole area to the right, with the image of the woman, the map, and the reviews? If that's what you mean, that's called the 'knowledge graph' and it's kind of a collection of all the things Google thinks it knows about your business. You can't really get rid of it easily as far as I know, but you can definitely influence what's up there. 

Here's the Google my Business profile that feeds info into that knowledge graph:

It says that profile is verified, which means someone at some point spent the time to get the postcard sent and claimed the business listing. Hopefully you know who that is so you can log in. Once you're in there, you should be able to make whatever changes you like (change the image that shows for your business for example, and get the chance to respond to the two negative reviews you have for your company). As a small aside though, Google doesn't like putting Logos in that image space, so just removing the agent's photo might still not get you the logo image showing that you'd like. 

If you mean something else though, be a little more specific and we'll try again. 

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