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"Request Access" Loop - Duplicates

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I submitted this question yesterday here ( but it looks like it was hidden from view so I'm re-submitting it to see if I can get an answer about this:


"I am wondering about an issue I have run into for two different listings of which I have ownership. Just using one as an example here:


Business Name: Spaulding Decon Minneapolis
Business Address: 1811 Jackson St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418

Business Phone#: 612-314-5566

Google Listing URL:

Business Website:


On Google, this location has a hidden address and is verified by an account that we are not able to contact. Per a Google specialist's instruction, we were told to create a new listing and verify it, and once it is verified it will be marked as a duplicate of the currently existing listing. From there, we will be able to request access to the listing.


We verified the listing that we created last Friday, and it was marked as a duplicate with a button that says "Request Access," but clicking that only brought me to the listing's home page in the Google My Business dashboard, as opposed to the interface where we sent our request of ownership to the current listing owner's account. At the dashboard, there is also the option to click a link that says "Request Access," but that just refreshes the page.


I'm not sure what to do at this point, following the same instructions from a Google specialist I am running into this issue again. Do you all think that this is just a temporary issue?


Any help would be appreciated!