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2.1K members online now
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ownership transfer rejected

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Myself Bharath,

i am handling a businees in india.


Someone created a list in the google with my business name,

so, i tried to claim an ownership twice but he/she is rejecting my ownership request.


That's my business address, even though he/she is not accepting ownership.


I request Google team to appeal the rejection which i got and i request google team to verify this business.


I really want to access my business in google.


Kindly find attached image file.Capture.JPG


ownership transfer rejected

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# 2
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Hey there, 


I want to help as much as I can but have a question about the email you are receiving from Google when the request is rejected. Is there a link inside this email that says "Appeal Request" or "Appeal Now"?

Re: ownership transfer rejected

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it says

"Sorry, the owner of *CADD Centre* has rejected your request to become an
owner on Google My Business."

then, i seen you request hyperlink

it says
"Ownership request for *CADD Centre*

Your request was rejected on *May 16, 2018*.

You can still suggest an edit

to the listing.

i didn't received that "Appeal now" option !

Kindly Help me