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google plus and google my business

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1. Full business name - appraisals only
2. Current business address

5978 Montalvo Drive San Jose, CA 95123

3. Current telephone number 408-887-4114
4. Google Maps URL ???
5. Website (if applicable)


what is the URL of my google plus listing? i cannot find it anywhere and i want to link it to my website.


this is obviously as logged into my account, but shouldn't my google plus be

but this is my personal google plus which i don't want to use as a business google plus forever. i want to put it back to my personal if i can.

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google plus and google my business

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G+ and GoogleMyBusiness are meanwhile completely separatd and thereforeis no way to get for a  GoogleMyBusiness listing to figure its G+ URL (and very likely there isn't such at all undless you create yor own G+ page) 

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile