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4.4K members online now
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followed process to claim business when someone else has claimed it. Process didn't work.

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I have the EXACT same (very frustrating) scenario with my business as other business owners in this community board ... including every step in this discussion to claim rightful ownership of my business.  I have well over 40 hours of my time invested with this Google Business Listing ownership matter.  I have at least 20 emails from Google that are no help whatsoever.   And not once has someone at Google ever had the common courtesy to explain why Google cannot simply transfer ownership of a business listing to the true business owner  Maybe this forum can help me as well.
My partner and I are the owner of Porcelli's Italian Bistro (formerly Porcelli's Bistro) in Cleveland OH.   I have been trying to clean up our internet listings.  In doing so, I discovered that my Google business listing is owned and managed by someone unknown to us (apparently a person named Marissa Alexander).  Until recently, the business listing showed as our online ordering service ... .which we do not use.  Recently the online ordering link disappeared.  But our MENU link is showing, which we also do not use.  So I suspect either or is controlling our listing.  I contacted both BeyondMenu and UrbanSpoon by phone.  They both deny and disclaim any knowledge of this, but I am thinking they own it.   I have attempted to resolve this issue with Google thru every possible avenue they offer (Transfer Request, Sent in All Legal Ownership Documents, online Legal avenue for copyright infringement on the legal company name, etc).   No one at Google has offered to help.
I then called Google to run a $500 per month Google+ ad campaign, but he sales person told me I cannot do it because I do not own the listing.  So Google is losing money on this.  Just like other OP's on this site, the current listing "owner" gave me Communications Manager privileges, but that gives me almost no control over our listing.  The current listing is driving business away from our official business website, menu and online ordering.  According the Google emails, apparently there is nothing I can do about it.  I received the exact same frustrating emails series as other OP's say they received.  1st , request rejected.  2nd, given Comm's Mgr permission, lastly, no ownership.  In total Google has wasted my time by having me send at least 6 separate requests to the listing owner for ownership transfer.  Same answer every time "Communications Manager" approved.   I am the owner of this business, and I do not want them to manage our business listing for us.  Can someone please help me on this.
Thank you.
Mike Perkins
Business name: Porcelli's Italian Bistro
Current business address: 1801 E. 9th St. Cleveland, OH 44114
Business telephone number: 216-574-2270
My telephone number: 440-899-9400 (my other business)

Our Website: 


The current Google business listing was showing the Business name as Porcellis with the website as   The business listing was updated to our new name "Porcelli's Italian Bistro" without our permission.  

My Email: