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duplicate GMB / Google + listings

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I am going through a clients GMB page to clean up some of the other listings created by previous employees and am having some issues. I called GMB Support but was on hold for about 15 minutes for them to give me an answer that didn't help. I've already started the process of gaining back access to the 1st duplicate but the others come up as locations in GMB; how would I go about gaining access to those? worth mentioning that no one at the store knows exactly who owns what page other than the main verified. 


This is my main, verified page: 

1. Sherman Dodge
2. 7601 Skokie Blvd Skokie, IL 60077
3. (866) 650-8000



These are the duplicates: 






My end goal is to gain ownership and merge these into one account if possible

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September 2016

Re: duplicate GMB / Google + listings

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Hi @Haley W


You DO NOT ever want to claim a duplicate page. The minute you verify it ( because it is duplicate, it will be suspended and perhaps the original too ).


The best thing to do with a duplicate, is to report the duplicate to business support.



The pages you have listed are NOT duplicates. Thea reason I say this is because 2 are already suspended, which means they are not showing in search or maps:


And this one is a personal page:



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