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1.6K members online now
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competitor has listed key names with my bussiness and misleads customers

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competitor listed my own name both in englisg and greek (!) show if you type it in the maps , it leads to his shop...its so [censored] OBVIOUS what he's done!! i am so anoyed!

i only started to list my bussiness yesterday and (yet unverified) i tried to find it map , only to be surprized to see that typing ZEFOS , ZEFOS WORKS or even ζεφος leads to competitors shop!!


what should i do? i have to wait 14 days for verification , and if i get verified will that be automatically corected or not?

how can i report this to google?...i dont even know for how long this is going on , damage must be even greater than i imagine....

can it sue him? i alwys knew he plays dirty since he copies other master craftmen's work but didnt think he could go that far


plz helpjimmys kleftis.jpg