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business name change refused every woday for past 1 month by google!!!

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I'm running my business for over 10 years , on 15 July this year I have been renaming my business from Stotker Tattoo to London Blue Lady Tattoo., together  with changing my website address. Every day ( except of weekends when google not working) after the "pending review " next working day the business name coming back to teh old one, as well as rest of the chnages!!!. I have been calling Google my Business over 10 times and emailing with customer support for  past month ., no one is helping me and every reversal of the name chnage costing me money because I'm loosing customers . Google support is so incompetent that one of thei remploees said to me that it's me who is reversing the changes because I can only make teh chnages on listing !!!! It's so frustrating, I don't know what to do any more. Any solution how to get to people responsible for reviewing  the changes? 

 old name : Stotker Tattoo

new name London Blue Lady Tattoo & Piercing

address on google map the same for both:

google maps address

old website address:

New website address