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4.5K members online now
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another Listing hijacked by Beyond Menu

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1. Full business name :W & Z Asian Bistro and Sushi Bar
2. Current business address: 4660 Maverick Drive, Lakeside, AZ 85929
3. Current telephone number: 928-368-6333
4. Google Maps URL :,-109.9056624,15z/da...
5. Website (if applicable):


Hi,i just don not understand why i rejected they ownership request,and they(Beyond menu) and jump to next step to verification(the owner rejected they request,but they call the business NO,and the staffs did not know that so give code to they). and the owner was told to beyond menu to return ownership but they are playing game.


can someone help.

another Listing hijacked by Beyond Menu

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# 2
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Additional: why they can jump step to verification whatever if ownership request was rejected.

Does there have big bug of Google my business listing.

Or does Google have Beyondmenu's spy

I doubt it.