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YouTube and Google+ Admin Access

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Hope someone can help as this has been going on for weeks!


Brief Summary below -

William Prince - Marketing Development Manager


Our YouTube and Google + Pages were set up before I joined the company  in Feb 2016


We had no access for these logins/admin rights so google moved the account admin over to my email – via the Business Page.



Then I tried to access our YouTube and Google + pages but was still not able to so I was asked to then create a Brand Page – this was not mentioned or requested before.


I still can’t edit our YouTube or Google+ pages and now the brand page is suspended. I have asked for help numerous times but we are not getting anywhere...


I understand there are strict guidelines as we are an online Pharmacy but Lloyds Pharmacy for example have Google+ and YouTube account so it must be possible



Any help would be great!



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Re: YouTube and Google+ Admin Access

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Hi Will

If I'm looking at this correctly, it looks like you're confusing a brand page with a local business page.
So Lloyd's is a brand page and appropriate for an online biz. Note how their G+ does not include an address & phone?
The White page has been suspended from your account, but is still showing as a listing able to be claimed on maps.

To get your listing back on track - Create another Google account, re-verify the listing, then delete the listing. Then contact google support, explain what has happened and ask them to remove all traces of the business in maps (prevent it from reappearing). I have found really good support for this kind of thing from the @GoogleSmallBiz twitter folks.

You can then re-create your brand page following this process:

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Margaret O · Google My Business Top Contributor

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Re: YouTube and Google+ Admin Access

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Hi Margaret,

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me. Appreciate it. Yes it's pretty complicated and I am picking this up from a previous employee to add to the fun! I will definitely check out the @GoogleSmallBiz. What is surprising is that the team at Google (That I have spoken to) are not 100% sure on the process which I am guessing is why it is taking weeks to sort out. Our YouTube page is also in limbo but is now in the hands of the AdWords team - who are, when I speak to them, always fantastic!

Kind Regards,