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YouTube account & AdSense stolen

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Please refer to the following YouTube channel, which I created several years ago and of which I have always been the sole proprietor. It is my intellectual property and contains my image but is no longer in my control:
Yesterday I received an email from Google with the subject: "Lưu Dũng invited you to own Dũng Dửng Dưng"
A minute later, I received an email from Google with the subject: "You are now an owner of Dũng Dửng Dưng"
Two minutes later, I received an email from Google with the subject: "You are no longer an owner of Dũng Dửng Dưng"
Shortly thereafter, AdSense wrote me with the subject: "A new user has been added to your AdSense account." The user was identified as: ""
It seems that a hacker gained access to my Google account and used it to change the ownership of my channel into his/her name. My channel and all its content still exist, but when I log in, I see I now have 0 videos and 0 subscribers. I also no longer have AdSense associated with my account, and am assuming the hacker managed also to steal that.
I've since changed my password and added two-factor authentication, but the account I've secured isn't worth much of anything at this point - what I need is to get back my YouTube channel, the subscribers I've worked hard to get for so many years, and the ad revenue my hard work has earned. Is there anyone who can help?