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Wrong Reviews or outtopic review

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Last Saturday, the black lady came into our restaurant with her daughter and trying to order some food to use our bathroom. Our restaurant posted sign on front door “Restrooms are patrons only” She took our menu and didnt order anything. And she sent her daughter to our restrooms. She kept talking on the phone and keep looking where our restroom located. Few mins later, her friend

and their families including 6 to 7 childrens came to our restaurant. She still standing there and didnt even look our menu. I asked her if she wanted order or using bathroom. Suddenly she got angry and she was yelling at us why we are getting mistreated because we are black. She left and warned us she will leave bad review.


Our restaurant has been opened for 13 years. We have so many regular customers who has been coming here for more than 10 years. We let visitors or travelers use restrooms but they are unkindly leave restrooms badly. One day, the one elderly man was in hurry and he came in without pants on. Most customers at the scene left our restaurant in hesitated state. Sometimes, all dirty things dropped on floor and our regular customers complained about it. We put the sign on the door “Restrooms are patrons only” This still let us have problem. One day, the couple said they want to buy soda to use restroom. We sold it and we checked the restroom after they left. They put rubber glove into our toilet. If we didnt find it our restroom filled with water. Now we are trying to make aware of any situation more with restroom users (not customers)


please look into this review and please reconsider it about posting. Thank you


1. Piermont Hinode Japanese Restaurant

2.  55 Route 9W, Piermont NY 10968

3. (845)359-4003




Re: Wrong Reviews or outtopic review

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perry immerman