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Wrong Google Knowledge Graph

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Amfuel is now under new management and is no longer a part of "Zodia Aerospace Group". I have created a location page for Amfuel: We are located at 601 Firestone Drive, Magnolia, AK, 71753. Our phone number is 870-234-3381. I have uploaded pictures and created updates but when you google "Amfuel" it comes up with a permanently closed Google Knowledge Graph of "Zodiac Aerospace Group". I cannot gain ownership to this location page to remove it. Can you please help me get the correct and verified location page "Amfuel" showing in the Google Knowledge Graph? I have also created a brand page for Amfuel here:



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Re: Wrong Google Knowledge Graph

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Basically the problem is that there is a duplicate address company that is permanently closed showing up above the correct business.
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Re: Wrong Google Knowledge Graph

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Hi @Alison G


Ideally you should have gained access then changed details on the American fuel cell page.




You will need to contact business support and ask them to Merge / Mark as Moved to the verified page.


Business support:


Merge / Mark as Moved >>,-93.24937,17z/data=!3m1...


To Verified Business Page >>




I just noticed that your site, does not have a page <title>.


Your Page <title> should at least say  Amfuel 



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Re: Wrong Google Knowledge Graph

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Thank you very much! I guess I will just wait until we have enough connected to show up as a Google Knowledge Graph...