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Will subletting to another business in same category hurt our local SEO?

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We are a martial art school (our business details are below) and do well in local SEO. We have been approached by another local martial arts school about possibly renting our space during times we don't use it. Of course, we would welcome the extra income, and we really like and respect their organization. However, we are concerned about if/how having another business in the same martial arts category could affect our local SEO.


We have thought of a couple of options:


1. Our space is really 2 suites and we only use one suite (#212) in our NAP so we could ask them to use the other suite (#211) but I've heard that having different suite #s for businesses in the same category doesn't often make an impact.


2. They suggested that instead of using our address on their website, they link to our website for the location/address. And maybe they wouldn't create a Google My Business listing themselves but wouldn't Google eventually create a listing for them at our address?


Before we enter into any agreement, we'd love to know if this is either a big mistake and something that could have great adverse affects on our local SEO OR if we should proceed but give them some guidelines about how to use our address.


1. OUR BUSINESS NAME - Life Ki-do Martial Arts, Parenting & Life Education

2. OUR ADDRESS - 3636 Bee Caves Rd. #212 Austin, TX 78746 (we have another location but this is the location that we are thinking about subletting.)

3. OUR PHONE # - 512-327-2900

4. GOOGLE MAPS URL -,+Parenting+%26+Life+Education/@30.279278,-...




Thanks in advance!

Will subletting to another business in same category hurt our local SEO?

Explorer ✭ ✭ ☆
# 2
Explorer ✭ ✭ ☆

It most certainly would create issues with your local SEO.  Unless they were to literally do absolutely no marketing and use the space with no street signage there are no guarantees that Google or other sources wouldn't still pick it up such as a customer submitting it etc..