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Why is my business marked as a duplicate of another?

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Since I listed my business on Google I used my personal account. I have since started to use Gmail to manage my business emails for my website. I transferred everything from my personal email ( to my business email ( I transferred ownership of Savage Designs, LLC to the business email and removed the personal email (if that makes any sense). But I am still getting the error message that it is a duplicate of another page. There should be no other page, no other owner.


I have tried all the "self" help options Google has listed. I can't verify the page. I don't understand what the problem is. I am the legal owner of Savage Designs.


I'm to the point where I'm just going to delete everything from Google and be done with it, because I can't get this issue resolved. I don't have time to keep wasting on this.


Full business name: Savage Designs, LLC

Current address: 4929 National Pike, Markleysburg, PA (which is not marked correctly on google maps after repeated times to fix this issue)

Current Phone: 724-880-5416

Screenshot (36).pngScreenshot of the duplicate message


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Re: Why is my business marked as a duplicate of another?

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Hi Heather

first up I'd recommend removing your email addresses from this post - unfortunately spammers do roam these forums and they may approach you via those email addresses.

I think the reason your page is being marked as a duplicate is because there is already a verified page out there in Maps:

So, I suggest deleting the 'marked as a duplicate' page from your dashboard, and either approaching the owner of that page (if you know who they are), or requesting ownership be transferred to you via the steps in this article:

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask :)

Priya Chandra, Google My Business Top Contributor
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