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Why am I getting an option to “Request Admin Rights”?

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This question was originally posted on the former Help Forum but has been modified for clarity and answered by Community User Ajay Wadhwa.


After creating my business page, why am I getting an option to “Request Admin Rights”?


Answer: This can happen when there is already a verified page owner of the business and location for which you are trying to create a Google My Business page, in the Google System. The common scenarios are:


A. You created a Google My business Page in past for this business, but you don't the email address and/or password:


  • Use this account access tool

  • The system will help you recover it after asking you some quick questions

B. You did not create the page but want to own it and manage it now:

If you don’t know the current business page’s owner and you want to be the owner or manager of the page, follow these steps:


  1. Navigate to Google My Business>> Get your page (You might be asked to sign in).
  2. Choose one of two categories of local businesses:
    -> Storefront businesses: Choose this option if you serve customers at your business location (e.g. restaurants, hotels, and retail stores)
    -> Service area businesses: Choose this option if you serve customers at their location within a specific service area and you want your customers to see your service area on Google Maps (e.g. plumbers, taxi services, and pizza delivery)
  3. Enter the name or address of your business and select your business from the drop-down menu.
  4. When you select/click your business, you’ll see a dialogue letting you know that someone else has verified the business. Click “Request Admin Rights”.
  5. You’ll be asked for quick information on your business. We’ll then send the current owner an email asking them to get in touch with you. If you don’t hear back from the owner in a week, contact support team so that they can help explore alternatives. It will help if you wrote from your corporate email address.
  6. Brands, organizations, or artists should follow these steps.

Marissa Nordahl, Community Manager, Google My Business
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Re: Why am I getting an option to “Request Admin Rights”?

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Thanks for sharing!

Why am I getting an option to “Request Admin Rights”?

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Hi, ElizabethP Im having a problem with google my business at the moment and Im wondering if you can help me. I moved the marker on the map because it was a circle and had to make it fit for the areas i wanted to cover and to shrink the map as well, i wanted to change the address to a virtual address at the same time but realised the policy is not allowed, Now i have been suspended and now they don't believe i live at my home address where it was in the first place and is making it really difficult to unsupend my account.

here is my google my business page

i can provide drivers licence and bank statement to prove i live here.

Please help me to sort this out.

talking to google my business in Pakistan is like taliking to a brick wall

MG House Balial Kutabpur dunyapur Lodhran, Qutabpur 59320, Pakistan


many thanks rory

Why am I getting an option to “Request Admin Rights”?

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@rory j


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