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Why Google is condemned to lose the war against the spammers ???

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Why Google is condemned to lose the war against the spammers ???
Someone in Google must wake up! And soon.
Google maps is Full with fake, spam, duplicate listings made by legit businesses and Also by un licensed " companies ". And Yes ! the business must be registered and licensed unlike what some top contributors here try to claim. Otherwise why Google require that the name of the listing will be the REAL name of the business? What is real then?? Real name is the name as it's appeared on the registration with the authorities. So let's stop the " free interpretation " and the BS.
Many people put many hours of their time to report Spam to Google.
And who supposed to review these reports?
Google moderators. From my experience reporting to Google over the years I learned that most of Google moderators are Useless, incompetent, lazy and Do NOT justify the salary they get from Google. They abuse their position and power! 
How many times did you report to Google local either edit or spam and within seconds received a reply : " Not applied ". Even on a very simple and clear things we keep getting the same reply which can be explained only in one way: NO ONE BOTHER ON CHECKING INTO IT. 
Let's simply decline it, leave the situation as is, and The big people in Google will think that we actually doing our job. No one will find out. After all we are " Google Moderators " and no one else monitor the reports. 
The way I see Google's war with the spammers as a war of a huge, lack of imagination and flexibility army, which trust narrow minded lazy, power tripped commanders in a fight with a fast, very creative guerilla that watch the moves of the army and adjust itself. Google is lacking all these qualities.
For example: They say that if you will flag a picture on a certain listing, then you could specify reasons for your report of spam. What the spammers doing? Removing the pictures from their listing.


Google also allows Virtual Office companies to advertise on Google Maps. Ridiculous.
What is the main purpose and use of these virtual addresses? To cheat Google.
Google rank listings by the reviews and online reputation? Not a problem!
Let's open a business and call it:

social media monitoring "

Online Reputation Management (ORM) ". All they need to do is create multiple Google Users, post reviews to endless listings and sell their services ( fake reviews ) to [censored]ty companies that rip off customers.
And why Not? All this is possible because No one in Google actually monitor the useless , incompetent, power crazed, lazy,  lack of imagination So called " Google Moderators " .
I can sit here all day and write about it. But I think you got the idea.
I know that many think and feel the same but no one dares to say it. I was never blamed for being good in sugar coating or a good diplomat. But nor as a liar. It is what it is.
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend,