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Who is responsible for Managing a GMB Account when the Business Owner is not interested?

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Dear Agents and Helpers, 

We are trying to figure out who does "Google" want the owner/manager of this listing to be?  This is in the case that the Small Business Owner simply is not interested in managing this account.


1) A 3rd Party Managing Agency

 - Company which charges a monthly fee to the Business for it's service?

 - Company which charges a fee to the Business from the "funnel" they created?

 - Company that does it for free just to collect data?

- Company that charges the "End User" of the product a fee, making it "Free" for the business

 - Website Development Agency which charges a fee to get started and a recurring monthly fee?

- Just an Entity thats sole focus is to manage and mantain GMB listings?


We are trying to figure which type of companies family, deserves to eat and get approved by GMB as a Friend not a Foe?

This is in the case where the business Works with Multiple Providers and wants all of them to "Manage" their GMB listing.


Should it be a Company that Charges the Smallest Fee's or Provides the Highest Quality or has a 24/7 Support Line or Someone Else?



We are running into issues where the Restaurant Owner signs up with dozens of companies. All with Similar Fees and Structures. 

Each company is trying to create a digital presence for the business - Which type of company should we suggest the business gives their Google Pin to?


Thank you all for your support, looking for someone out there with a suggestion, so we could try to carve our way 


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Re: Who is responsible for Managing a GMB Account when the Business Owner is not interested?

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Hi @Alex D,

I would say that the business owner should do its due diligence and research the companies to see which one has a clue about Google My Business. But then, if the business owner would do that, he might as well manage the business listing himself because there is not much to it.

The business owner probably would be better off relying on a family member familiar with or willing to learn Google My Business.


Google does not have a preference, it is up to the business owner figure out which company can do a good job managing the listing for them.

These are the guidelines provided by Google.

treebles, Google My Business Top Contributor

Who is responsible for Managing a GMB Account when the Business Owner is not interested?

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Hi @Alex D,


This sounds like you are describing a common situation where companies that create their own websites, each one attempting to appear to be the official page for a restaurant in order that they can then get commissions on orders placed.


None of these should be claiming the feature.  The only website that should appear in the listing is one actually controlled by the owner.  If none of these are owner controlled; but rather they are just for the purpose of creating takeout or delivery orders, then none of them qualify to be on Maps and their operators should no be claiming the feature.

Who is responsible for Managing a GMB Account when the Business Owner is not interested?

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Thank you for your response, but unfortunately I can't seem to put them together. 


So a Restaurant has signed up with 10 Companies

- Each Company Promises to "Create a Website" with "Booking and Ordering Capabilities"

- Each Company Promises to "Manage" their Web Presence. 

The restaurant owner is interested and wants to receive orders and bookings from this website, from all the 10 companies they signed up too. 


Each company has a slightly different fee structure: 

- Monthly Fixed Fee

- Commission % per order

- Fixed cost $$ per order

- Cost per table booked 


The restaurant has done it's research

- They want to work with the "Local Company", because they are local

- They want to work with the "Pizza Focused" company

- They want to work with a National Brand "Because they have a nice logo"


The restaurant understands that 

- Some of the customers coming through will be their own customers

But it's still a convenience feature for that customer




Scenario 1)

When Restaurants shows me, look how many orders we get through this company, and through you only this much.  I ask them, is it okay if we create a website for you, put on google so people could find us as well.  Of course do it.  Does that now give me the right to this profile?


Scenario 2) 

I work with a restaurant for 10 years, we had a website built for them years before google business ever came along.  We optimized it, invested into photography.  Out comes a new company and tells the restaurant "They hijacked your google profile".  making us seem like the "bad" guys, and they are now the good guys.  Does this now give the right to this new company to manage the profile?



Yes we do charge restaurants either a small percentage or a monthly fee, we have done this for nearly a decade, we provide our service, support, design, consultation.  Our company is not "Lucrative", we are month to month and work with our local restaurants on a personal level. 


The problem today is "New" companies no longer need to build their companies the way have been doing for years, they are able to outrank us instantly, only with that google profile. 


Which is 100% okay, I am used to the changing tides in business for the 10 years, I am now trying to figure out how to position ourselves in a world where the Google My Business Profile is the only thing that matters in the search results.  



Unfortunately because of this, tons of start-ups in the recent months, that are now telling business, it won't cost you a cent. (Which is fine as well, we started offering to pass the cost down as well), it goes to the consumer paying a small fee for the use of the service found through Google. 


The Business is happy of course, but the consumer using Google ends up losing. 

And the Google Pin now goes to the newest company that the restaurant signs up for, because they are the last ones to speak to the business.  Pushing established relationships further down. 


Tomorrow we could easily come up with telling the restaurant we will pay them for every order they receive through this website. So they will actually make more more money - We'll just pass the cost to the consumer and again the Consumer using Google is the one losing.


But it's not a ethical business practice, which is why someone needs to look at the way the GMB appears on Google and hopefully re-evaluate it. 



I really wish someone from Google on an executive level see my post, see my frustration, see the flaws and help guide me to make it more fair. 


My entire family works for this business, 20 hours a day (no exaggeration) , More than 10 years - and with these recent releases of Google My Business, it has been a nightmare fighting other businesses for the Google Spot. 


It's just a constant battle of Claiming the Listing, Reclaiming the Listing, watching someone else claim the listing. 


Thank you for listening. 

- Alex,