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Where are all the Reviews Going???

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Whats happening to Google and the Listings? 


I am a small Business Owner who owns multiple Boost Mobile Franchise locations. I was able to manage all my locations once but recently some of my listings I lost access and it shows up as I have to verify my listing and when I do it says someone else is actively managing this listing and I don't get access to it. 


Secondly on one of my locations which had over 129 Google Reviews at one time just recently within the last week completely disappeared. The only thing left are the pictures but the phone number business hours everything disappeared. Google has no number to reach out for help but yet their listings can make or break you in many instances as the whole world is on Google Search!!  


Anyone has any idea on what I can do? My customers when leaving reviews would use the cell network and not my store wifi. 


My listing is Under 


Boost Mobile White Plains

60A Mamaroneck Ave

White Plains, NY 10601



This Business was previously located at 54 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains, NY 10601 before moving to this new location. Some one else was managing that listing and I never got ownership of that listing so we started fresh at 60A Mamaroneck Ave 



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Where are all the Reviews Going???

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Top Contributor

you can't expect getting reviews from an other location attached to your new and freshly created location.

Rather then creating a new listing you should have tried to get the ownership about the old location and then managing to get it moved to the new address

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile