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Virtual Tours of Two Businesses Combined

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I am a Google Trusted Photographer.  I have brought my question here as Google has recently changed the Trusted  program and support is slow in coming.  I recently photographed and uploaded a virtual tour for a business.  The problem is, Google's system has merged the tour of the old business at this location and the new business that I just photographed.  There are arrows that link from my new tour, back into the old business.


After first being told by Google that only the original owner could change it (no way to contact them) that the current owner could ask to have it changed.


Now, my question, HOW do they contact Google?  We used to use this link to give our customers who had trouble and they could contact Google directly.  Now, however, this is just a circuitous labyrinth of self-help that offers no way to contact Google.  (


Does anyone know where to go?