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4.8K members online now
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Unofficial update to Business

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Visitor ✭ ✭ ✭

I am curious why an entity that is not the owner of the Business Page is allowed to update our official profile. It happens all the time (particularly with our website in the listing) and is incredibly frustrating.

In our business (a performing arts theatre), we deal daily with third-party ticket sellers, aka scalpers, who dupe our patrons and sell tickets for inflated prices. They continually update our official business page with their own unofficial websites - in an effort to dupe our patrons and sell them tickets that might not even be legitimate.

Why is this allowed to happen? Why does Google Business allow unofficial entities to update business listings without first asking the owner for approval? It seems backwards that anyone can "suggest" an edit to our business page, but when I try to remove it, it is pending review and is not immediately updated.

I'd really like some clarity on this problem.

Thank you.


The Paramount Theatre

911 Pine Street, Seattle, Washington