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Unable to Remove Duplicate Location

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I am the orthodontist that purchased Dr. David Sain's office (1849 Memorial Blvd. Murfreesboro, TN, 37129). I have owned this business -Smile Team Orthodontics - ( since Dec. 2016. Although, the previous owner transferred Google account ownership to me, I have been unable to claim/verify the business. 


I have removed Dr. David Sain, the previous owner, and I am the new owner.

I have received a verification code but am unable to enter it.  It is showing "no pending verifications".


The screen shots show what I am seeing when I attempt to make any edits to my location.

How do you remove this duplicate location when the previous owner is no longer a part of the business.  I did follow the instructions provided in Google Help.


Please assist me in moving forward.  This is very important to the marketing of my practice and need to solve this issue as soon as possible.  


Thank you for your assistance,


Dr. Katherine Hart-Westphal

Smile Team Orthodontics




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Unable to Remove Duplicate Location

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I have a hard time to understand what you and the previous owner did in order to transferred Google account ownership to you.


And I don't understand at all why you are trying to claim a business the previous owner transferred to you already.

It makes IMHO no sense to claim a listing you got the ownership transferred already.


So the main question is what or how did the previous owner Dr. David Sain, transfer the listing to you.

Actually I can see there is already a verified listing and its named as you mentioned as "Smile Team Orthodontics" and this is the old listing of Dr Sain as I can see this in the history of MapMaker where it got changed on 15 Nove 2015 from

Smile Team Orthodontics - Dr. David R. Sain (English-Primary,Local)
to  after
Smile Team Orthodontics (English-Primary,Local)


I however  can't indentify who actually owns the listing in question

and I also can't see into your dahsboard. 

But I can see the verified / cliamed listing I'm linking here with the cid parameter 9917337694032571448 is actually managed by a user through this email address as GoogleMyBsuiness told me "This listing has already been verified by do…"


Because  you can't have a second listing beside of the existent one you need to contact the owner of the actual listing


What does it mean?


Either Dr Sain and/or you made an error in transferring the ownership and you are still not the actual owner of the listing or you are the owner but then you can't have a second listing.

Remain three options:

1# Manage it through the acccount based on do… in case you know the credentials of this email address or

2# contact the person owning the email do…  to get the listing transferred to your account in caseyou have any clue about theperson owning this email address or 

3# apply this procedure "Someone else verified my business""


(thread have been edited half an hour later)



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